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Across the UK, young people are trying digital making. This site is a comprehensive directory of the folks behind the digital making clubs, workshops, events and kits; plus events and useful resources for the digital making community.

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Make Things Do Stuff launched in 2013 as a campaign and website designed to mobilise the next generation of digital makers. Since then, over 70 organisations from large technology companies, to grassroot clubs provided over 100,000 digital making experiences to young people nationwide.

With creative digital making platforms such as the BBC's Mixital providing access to the kinds of inspirational tools and projects Make Things Do Stuff used to provide, in 2015 we evolved the site to answer a new need: providing a directory of UK digital making provision.

The Make Things Do Stuff campaign has finished and we are now winding down activity on this website. The website will close at the end of July 2017. We’d love to get your feedback on the campaign, including the website, so please do get in touch to tell us what you think at:

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Make Things Do Stuff is the directory of UK organisations inspiring the next generation of ‘digital makers’.  If that sounds like you, sign up here so we can champion the great work you do and shout about your news and events.  We can promote your activities to our network of thousands of followers across Twitter and Facebook. Look for the social icons at the bottom of the page to follow us and let us know all the exciting work you are planning. 

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