About Make Things Do Stuff: Who we are and where we've come from.

About Us


What is Make Things Do Stuff?

Make Things Do Stuff launched in 2013 as a campaign and website designed to mobilise the next generation of digital makers. Since then, over 70 organisations from large technology companies, to grassroot clubs provided over 100,000 digital making experiences to young people nationwide.

Our aim has always been to support the groundswell of organisations educating young people to creatively harness the power of technology, to look at ways of assisting their delivery and promote the excellent work being undertaken across all fields of digital skills education.


How has Make Things Do Stuff evolved?

With creative digital making platforms such as the BBC's Mixital now providing access to the kinds of inspirational tools and projects Make Things Do Stuff used to provide, we identified a new need for a comprehensive directory of UK digital making provision - a one-stop-shop of organisations supporting young people to develop their digital skills that can be filtered by categories such as region and technology-type.

If you are a provider of digital making opportunities, or an interested teacher, policy maker, funder, partner or parent, this is the place for you to find out what’s going on nationally and in your area.


What is Digital Making?

Digital technology is changing the world!  And understanding and manipulating digital  technology is no longer a specialist skill. It is the key to creative expression, social inclusion and business creation, and it’s a skill that is increasingly in demand across the jobs market.  We want young people to have the right skills and knowledge to thrive in this new environment.

Digital skills are best developed through practical activity where young people learn about technology while making things with it (‘digital making’) - creating solutions to real problems, rather than simply passively consuming digital products.  We know that young people are enthusiastic to develop their digital skills - and we believe that they need access to engaging digital making experiences outside, as well as inside, the classroom.  
Make Things Do Stuff wants to support and showcase these learning experiences.


Who is behind Make Things Do Stuff?

Nesta are dedicated to supporting ideas that can help improve all our lives, with activities ranging from early stage investment to in-depth research and practical programmes such as the Digital Makers Fund, a programme to enable a generation of young people to create rather than just use technology, as explained in this animation:


We don’t work alone - we rely on the strength of the partnerships we form to make change happen.


The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes openness, innovation and participation on the Internet. We promote the values of an open Internet to the broader world.

Mozilla is best known for the Firefox browser, but we advance our mission through other software projects, grants and engagement and education efforts such as Mozilla Webmaker. Webmaker is all about building a new generation of digital creators and webmakers, giving people the tools and skills they need to move from using the web to actively making the web.


Nominet Trust is the UK’s leading social technology funder. We bring together, invest and support people making imaginative use of technology to address complex social challenges. More than one million has been invested in terms of business support which has included networking, evaluation, mentoring and business planning. This helps organisations to get the best chance of success.

Get involved!

Make Things Do Stuff is the UK directory of organisations inspiring the next generation of ‘digital makers’.  If that sounds like you, sign up here so we can champion the great work you do and shout about your news and events.  We can support your social media by promoting your activities via to our network of thousands of followers across Twitter and Facebook. Plus we will be sharing partnership or funding opportunities, and useful resources, such as the latest research, policy papers, or guides for recruiting volunteers.

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