Make Things Do Stuff is getting a "make" over!

Make Things Do Stuff is getting a "make" over!

Across the UK, young people are trying digital making, thanks to a growing army of organisations and individuals committed to young people developing digital skills. From Autumn 2015 we will be revamping the site to better support and showcase this community of "providers" - with a new directory of organisations, and improved event & resource sharing.

Over the past two years the Make Things Do Stuff campaign has brought together over 70 organisations pledged to mobilise thousands of young people to become digital makers by contributing projects, events and clubs to our platform - and we've had tens of thousands of visitors to the site. 

From Autumn our site will begin a new and exciting transition aimed at providing a source of information and communication for the providers of digital making opportunities, to unite and amplify the voice of this community. Our social media, via Twitter and Facebook, is already playing this role. 

We want to be a one-stop-shop for providers of young digital making opportunities (and interested businesses, policy makers, teachers, parents and prospective volunteers) to find out about this field. From what's on in their area to the national overview, plus information and resources to help them expand their offerings to more young people. So you can expect a new directory of provider organisations and their digital making clubs, workshops and kits; improved event information; and market insight, reports and resources. We want to complement the BBC digital resource finder platform, being launched as part of the Make it Digital season, where young people will be able to find the resources best suited to them, while Make Things Do Stuff will focus on supporting the digital making ecosystem to scale up and meet the growing demand. 

If you have suggestions for how we may be able to help grow your organisation or campaign, please get in touch via Twitter @Mkthingsdostuff