What superheroes would our political leaders be?

What superheroes would our political leaders be?

Political leaders - they've all got their own personalities, sort of. So based on that (and their policies), what superheroes would they be? A much more fun way to digest politics...

With the election coming up, it seems it’s all anyone can talk about – but not in the usual way. We seem to be spending a lot of time discussing David Cameron’s hair and what’s up with Nigel Farage always out drinking in pubs? Politicians have become almost like celebrities, with people analysing their looks, their actions, their families – not their policies at all! Who’s more liked or disliked than comic book superheroes (or villains)? Lily Groom at LiveMag drew up a list of the main contestants in the election (and Nigel Farage) and who their superhero aliases would be…

David Cameron as Batman


Let’s face it – Batman is not a superhero. He is a vigilante, sure, and I’m not saying he’s not cool, but he hasn’t got any actual powers. He’s just a rich man, rife with male privilege, who has loads of servants (well, one, and Robin) and a Bat-truck-load of gadgetry. 

Nick Clegg as Robin


You can’t have Batman without Robin, his young, naïve and inexperienced side-kick. Who else is better to represent the main face of the coalition government thinking he could do well before sliding into obscurity, occasionally popping up to parrot a Cameron-approved speech.

Ed Miliband as Aquaman


Oh Ed. Ed, Ed, Ed. You, much like Aquaman, have the ability to do so much good, yet, also like Aquaman, you are jeered at and mocked at every opportunity. Even spellcheck despises you both alike, recognising neither of your names as legitimate words...

Natalie Bennett as Storm


Not only is she the coolest member of the X-Men, but Storm is also an independent and often ignored member of the Marvel universe. She is incredibly powerful, and has the tools at her disposal to do good, but is often overlooked in favour of her male counterparts. Who are not as good as her anyway.

Nigel Farage as the Joker


This is the only explanation found for this UKIP lunacy. He is clearly the Supervillain of the politics world. HE OPPOSES HUMAN RIGHTS. If that’s not something the Joker would say, I don’t know what is.

(via LiveMag)