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We love a good party, especially if it’s ours!

We love a good party, especially if it’s ours!

So hopefully you know all about us, as (a): you’re at the bleeding edge with your finger on the pulsating maker emporium that is Make Things Do Stuff and(b): you’re reading this on our website….But believe it or not, some people don’t even know about us yet! Tut. 

Don’t worry, we’re going to put that right. To celebrate our *official* launch we’ve invited over 30 young people to a special maker eventat the fantastically musical Roundhouse (home to the iTunes Festival)Because of the iconic location we’ve chosen music as the key theme for this event.

Music lives online as much as it does on stage these days and is massively influenced by the technology, from soft synths to Spotify. We’ve even got friends from EMI digital coming down to show us how technology works with their artists.

We have sessions run by Mozilla and FreeFormers to help our makers produce a website for their favourite music and remix music videos.

O2 Think Big, Digital Me and ZSL will lead workshops on creating digital content for music.and as if that wasn’t good enough, our clever friends at Technology Will Save Us and Codasign are going to be leading workshops building digital instruments and bringing the (Round)house down with a live jamming session.

We’ve got some uber guests coming in too (because we are very important don’t y’know). In fact they are so special we can’t tell you who they are. SO, you’re going to follow the events as they unfold on Twitter and Facebook aren’t you?

Thursday 30th May from 13.30 onwards