Make Things Do Stuff aims to mobilise the next generation of digital makers.

The world is becoming increasingly digitised and filled with products that change the way we connect and interact with each other. It is more important than ever to help people use this technology creatively and harness the power of the web for their own means.

We want to help people to make the shift from consuming digital technologies, to making and building their own. Because when all kinds of different people start hacking, re-mixing and making things with technology, the possibilities get really interesting.

However, with so many products available online, knowing where to start can be an incredibly daunting prospective for a lot of people. Make Things Do Stuff will enable people to make sense of all the resources that are available to them and will help them to navigate a path that will take them from being a digital consumer, to being a digital maker.

At Make Things Do Stuff, you will find the support, advice, resources and tools needed to make this leap and get you started on your journey whether you want to make a website, a game an app or a 3D robot. Check out the projects in our Make things section now – and keep checking back as we’ll put up more and more.

We’re working with fantastic partners to bring the Make Things Do Stuff platform alive.

Make Things Do Stuff is a place where you can come to learn how to get started, discover projects and find out where you can go to polish your skills. The site also highlights events, clubs, communities and competitions where makers can share what they’ve done and connect with like-minded people.