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Save money & upgrade your gadgets yourself!

The first company to release of an updated version of a gadget sealed our fate to the most frequent internal debate of the 21st century: to upgrade or not to upgrade our favourite tech devices? Whether it’s a smartphone, a laptop or a car – each new system is seemingly thousands of times better than the previous, making us question how we even survived with the current version. Seriously, how could we have been so naïve to think that our current phone was the best thing money could ever buy? We’ve all been there!

What you may not have come across are the tools that can make your older generation device a little smarter without making a big investment. With these ideas—a new twist on up-cycling—you may even hold off running to queue for the brand new release to come out before you empty your piggy bank and treat yourself to the next best thing.

Let’s break it down by gadget:

The smartphone

We love our mobiles more than anything…until a new version comes. The second we lay eyes on the shiny new update, cutting ties with the old one couldn’t be easier. Next time, how about lengthening your phone’s lifespan by increasing its memory with SanDisk’s iXpand Flash Drive? Free up some space on your phone and increase speed by using this flash drive to transfer photos and videos between your phone and computer, as well as listen to music and watch videos with the free app. 

The TV

TVs are a little harder to upgrade every time there is a new model, especially with their typically longer lifespan. The good news, though, is that even if you are a few generations behind when it comes to your TV, there is a cheaper solution to buying a brand new one: plug in Google’s Chromecast and you can open your HDTV television to a new world of streaming Netflix, HBO Go and YouTube. Also have a look at Amazon’s Fire TV Stick or Ruko for similar upgrade options.

The car 

The Automatic car smart adapter quickly upgrades your car with a simple plug into its diagnostics port. Sync up with Bluetooth to your smartphone, and you have instant access to fuel mileage, how to improve your driving habits to save petrol, a diagnosis on a check engine light problem and audio warnings if you go over the speed limit. Need more convincing on this one? Automatic remembers where you have parked and will also alert its emergency call centre to get help and contact your loved ones in the event of an accident.

The house

Home technology is up and coming, but iDevices’ Switch already has an easy solution to bring control of your home to your mobile device. The smart plug allows you to turn electronics on/off from anywhere: hit the lights from the comfort of bed, get an alert when the garage door opens, or unlock the front door as you get home from work. Improve your home’s security and your own peace of mind with this quick and painless home improvement.

So what are you waiting for? Up-cycle those gadgets yourself, save money and learn while you do it!

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